Per-Object Trace Outputs

There are 16 possible types of per-object trace output. Each object can declare up to 16 of its own trace output types. MPI modules declare per-object trace output types in stdmei.h. MEI modules declare per-object trace output types in the module header file.

Output Type
MEIMotionTraceSTATUS Status of the Motion Supervisor
MEINotifyTrcaeTHREAD When a thread goes to sleep or wakes up
MEISequenceTraceLOAD When a batch of new commands are sent to the XMP Program Sequencer
MEIConfigTracePROGRESS Displays "." as it executes (used by config utility)
MEIRecorderTraceRECORD_GET When the Recorder gets records from the XMP
MEIRecorderTraceSTATUS The number of data records available in the XMP
Note: The first 5 output types overlap in the mask.

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