Sercos- Introduction

About the MEI SERCOS Controller

The SERCOS/XMP Series controllers from MEI are an extension of the XMP Series motion controllers. XMP Series motion controllers support analog motion control outputs, encoder inputs, and discrete digital I/O. SERCOS/XMP Series motion controllers replace these signals with the SERCOS digital fiber optic network interface. The SERCOS interface only requires two fiber optic connections (one output and one input) to connect to a fiber loop containing up to 8 axes of motion.

Both SERCOS and standard XMP Series controllers share the same basic hardware architecture, onboard firmware, host software and many other features. So, for controller installation procedures, Motion Console application and C programming information, use the XMP's standard documentation.

However, because the SERCOS IDNs are actually implemented in the drive (and not in the controller), there are many SERCOS functions not documented in the XMP documentation, because they are in the drive's documentation (because these functions are associated with the drive and not the controller). Motion Engineering adheres to the specifications set forth by the IEC concerning SERCOS. For more information regarding SERCOS or the SERCOS specification, please contact SERCOS N.A at


Supported Drives / Modules

MEI currently supports drive and I/O modules from a variety of manufacturers. If you desire support for a drive or I/O vendor not listed, please contact MEI.

Manufacturer Device
Indramat Servo Drives
Modicon Servo Drives
Lutze Digital I/O Modules
Pacific Scientific Servo Drives
Kollmorgen Servo Drives
Sanyo Denki Servo Drives