Running Multiple Applications with the XMP

There are two situations that often cause problems when you are executing multiple applications at the same time:

  1. If one application resets the XMP controller while other applications are busy using the XMP, this is analogous to pulling the rug out beneath the feet of the other applications. The other applications are not aware that all states have been lost (controller reset), and thus these other applications get lost themselves.

    If you run two XMP applications at the same time (Motion Console and VM3, or Motion Console and your application), and if one application resets the board while the second application is busy accessing memory (like VM3), then the interface between the host and DSP can break down. To resolve this type of problem, you should close both applications, restart one application, and then reset the XMP.
  2. If you modify the default configuration of objects on the XMP, and then run another application which wants a different configuration of the same objects (program sequencers, motion supervisors, axes, etc), and you don't manage this, you can get into trouble.You have to coordinate how simultaneously exectuing applications manage the XMP resources.
  3. Simultaneously, using DLLs, applications, and Motion Console from different MEI releases can and will cause problems.