EventMgr Objects


An EventMgr

  • Obtains asynchronous events from the Control object(s) that the EventMgr is associated with
  • Generates Event objects for enabled event sources
  • Awakens any threads that are waiting for events.
Create, Delete, Validate Methods
  mpiEventMgrCreate Create EventMgr object
  mpiEventMgrDelete Delete EventMgr object
  mpiEventMgrValidate Validate EventMgr object
Configuration and Information Methods
  mpiEventMgrConfigGet Get EventMgr config
  mpiEventMgrConfigSet Set EventMgr config
  mpiEventMgrEvent Request event notification for all Notify objects on EventMgr's list
  meiEventMgrServiceConfigGet Get processes that EventMgr will service
  meiEventMgrServiceConfigSet Set processes that EventMgr will service
Action Methods
  mpiEventMgrFlush Flush pending EventMgr events
  mpiEventMgrService Get list of all pending asynchronous events
Relational Methods
  List Methods- for Control Objects
  mpiEventMgrControl Return handle of indexth Control object in list
  mpiEventMgrControlAppend Append Control's handle to list
  mpiEventMgrControlCount Count the number of Control objects associated with EventMgr (in list)
  mpiEventMgrControlFirst Return handle to first Control object in list
  mpiEventMgrControlIndex Return the index of a Control object in list
  mpiEventMgrControlInsert Insert Control handle into list
  mpiEventMgrControlLast Get handle to last Control object in list
  mpiEventMgrControlListGet Get list of Control objects associated with EventMgr
  mpiEventMgrControlListSet Create a list of Control objects associated with EventMgr
  mpiEventMgrControlNext Get handle to next Control object in list
  mpiEventMgrControlPrevious Get handle to previous Control object in list
  mpiEventMgrControlRemove Remove a Control object's handle from list
  List Methods- for Notify Objects
  mpiEventMgrNotify Return handle to a Notify object associated with EventMgr
  mpiEventMgrNotifyAppend Append Notify object to list
  mpiEventMgrNotifyCount Return number of Notify objects in list
  mpiEventMgrNotifyFirst Get first Notify object in list
  mpiEventMgrNotifyIndex Get index value for a Notify object in list
  mpiEventMgrNotifyInsert Place a Notify object after another Notify object in list
  mpiEventMgrNotifyLast Get handle to the Notify object that is last on the list
  mpiEventMgrNotifyListGet Get a list of Notify objects
  mpiEventMgrNotifyListSet Create a list of Notify objects
  mpiEventMgrNotifyNext Get the Notify object just after notify in list
  mpiEventMgrNotifyPrevious Get the Notify object just before notify in list
  mpiEventMgrNotifyRemove Remove a Notify object from list
Data Types