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Assistance with SERCOS Networks
XMP Controller MotionDrive I/O: Sercos

For Assistance with SERCOS Networks...

Because of variation in motion control drives and designs, no two SERCOS networks are exactly the same. Motion Engineering's Applications Department has accrued a breadth of experience in the design and troubleshooting of SERCOS networks and is ready to assist you. When contacting MEI, please be prepared to provide the following information:


1) Number of drives in system.

2) Type(s) of cable (glass, plastic, etc....).

3) Cable lengths.


1) Model and hardware version.

2) Firmware version.

3) Software (MPI) version.

4) Sample code demonstrating problem (if any). Sample application can be an
MEI application.


1) Drive manufacturer.

2) Drive model.

3) Drive firmware version.

4) Drive operation mode (position, velocity, torque, etc....).

5) Contact information for drive manufacturer.



Contact an MEI Applications Engineer.